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IPC/WHMA-A-620-Requirements andAcceptance for Cableand Wire HarnessAssemblies



Requirements andAcceptance for Cableand Wire HarnessAssemblies

1.1 ScopeThis standard is a collection of visual Quality AcceptabilityRequirements for Cable, Wire and Harness Assemblies. It wasprepared by the ITGC Industry Technical Guidelines Commit-tee of the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association and theProduct Assurance Committee of IPC - Association Connect-ing Electronic Industries. IPC/WHMA-A-620 can be used as astand-alone document for purchasing products, however itdoes not specify frequency of in-process inspection or fre-quency of end product inspection. No limit is placed on thenumber of process indicators or the number of allowablerepair/rework of defects. Such information should be devel-oped with a statistical process control plan (see IPC-9191).

1.2 PurposeThis publication describes acceptability criteria for producingcrimped, mechanically secured, or soldered interconnectionsand the associated lacing/restraining criteria associated withcable and harness assemblies. It is not the intent of this docu-ment to exclude any acceptable procedure used to make theelectrical connection; however, the methods used must pro-duce completed assemblies that conform to the acceptabilityrequirements described in this document.

1.3 Approach To This DocumentThe illustrations in this document portray specific points notedin the title of each section. A brief description follows eachillustration. The development committee recognizes that differ-ent parts of the industry have different definitions for someterms used herein. For the purposes of this document, theterms cable and wire harness are used interchangeably.

1.4 Specialized DesignsIPC/WHMA-A-620, as an industry consensus document, can-not address all of the possible product design combinations.However, the standard does provide criteria for commonlyused technologies. Where uncommon or specialized tech-nologies are used, it may be necessary to develop uniqueacceptance criteria. The development of unique criteria shouldinclude customer involvement or consent and the criteriadeveloped should include an agreed upon definition foracceptance of each characteristic.Whenever possible, new criteria, or criteria on specializedproducts should be submitted, using the Standard Improve-ment Form included in this standard, to the IPC TechnicalCommittee to be considered for inclusion in upcoming revi-sions of this standard.


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